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How will Adrian Peterson fit into Saints offense?

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    Adrian Peterson is going to be a Saint, at least for the next 2 seasons. It's not been completely finalized yet, but seems the deal is roughly 2 years for about $7 million.

    With AP being 32 years old, New Orleans being a pass start offense, and Mark Ingram already there, how do you think AP will fit into the offense? Are they going to use him like a true #1 running back, or do you think he will time share with Igram?

    I'm thinking Peterson will get a lot out of Bress' ability to pass off the ball. AP was pretty solid in Minnesota with the catch, but he never played in an offense where they are expert at it. Could be a great combo. Looking forward to this; can't imagine the Saints would acquire Adrian Peterson, if they don't plan to use him in a big way.

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    I don't know about this. I can't understand why the Saints can't just rely on Ingram as the main back. He never seems to get the respect he deserves from that team. I guess they are worried about his health long term? Not sure there.

    Would be great to see this being the best running back duo in the league. I guess it has that potential. But there are too many factors stopping the Saints from doing that. They are pass first. AP is old in running back years. And both Ingram and AP work best when given the chance at 15-20+ carries a game. So I have more doubts than not. Here's an interesting read:

    Dombeck: Adrian Peterson should have retired

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    I think Peterson is going to be a key player for the Saints. I don't see Ingram getting outshined or Peterson getting ignored. Like you said, I think they will time share. I cant totally see why they picked him up. I definitely wouldn't pass him up if I had the opportunity.