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A Comparison of Kentucky Derby Ticket Prices to other Sporting Events

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    Most of us watch the Kentucky Derby on TV or online, but has anyone really wondered how much it costs to get into actually watch this 2 min race? An article I can across gives us a breakdown, of how much it costs, as well as how it compares to other sporting events.

    So, the average price for a ticket to the Kentucky Derby is $432. There are add-ons as well. $50 "get in" price, and $80 to access the infield. Sounds kind of step doesn't it? Well, the cost for a ticket to the Superbowl last season was at least $3,300, and that's just for a basic seat. High-roller level seating was $9,500. That $432 bucks doesn't look so bad after all.

    A few more comparisons:

    Average ticket cost to 2016 World Series - $1,700 for nose bleeds, and $6,000 for good seats. Great seats... $1.7 million.

    2016 Masters Tournament - Weekly passes $6,800

    How do you think a Kentucky Derby ticket price compares to other events?

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    Certainly isn't bad when compared to others. Does that give you access to the other races too, the prelim ones and whatnot, or just the main and final race?
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    Yeah that's really not terrible. And I think that's only if you don't order in advance. Looking at the official Kentucky Derby site for general admission tickets this year and you see pretty reasonable prices if you buy several weeks or months beforehand, like the neighborhood of $60-105.