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Top 12 Best MLB Walk-Up songs this Season

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    As you can already tell, I love lists, especially all-time bests. It's just my thing. I found this article to really scratch that itch. I love run-out/walk-up tunes, especially if they're chosen correctly. Sometimes they can be funny, especially when it's ironic. Ever see a bad team run out to an awesome song? You mostly see that in high school and college. I do find that funny. Like if the football team from The Waterboy, came running out to Queen's We Will Rock You.

    Top 12 of this season:

    1. (Rays): Quad City DJ's "Space Jam"

    2. (Dodgers): Ed Sheeran "Shape of You"

    3. (Yankees): Skee-Lo "I Wish"

    4. (Mets): Jay-Z "Public Service Announcement"

    5. (Padres): George Michael “Careless Whisper”

    6. (Pirates): Creedence Clearwater Revival “Born on the Bayou”

    7. (Athletics): Sublime “Doin’ Time”

    8. (Mets): AC/DC "Thunderstruck"

    9. (Dodgers): Kendrick Lamar "DNA"

    10. (Yankees): Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

    11. (Tigers): Ginuwine “Pony”

    12. (Cubs): Bone Thugs-n-Harmony “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”

    My Top All-Time Run Out Songs:

    1. Thunderstruck - ACDC

    2. Hotstepper - Ini Kamoze

    3. We Will Rock You - Queen

    4. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n Roses

    6. Sirius - Alan Parsons Project

    Everyone feel free to jump in. I want to see your lists.

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    You might like this then.. check out awkward white guy dancing at 1:29 - 1:40. Very Happy (light blue shirt guy)

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    Wow, I sort of admire that sort of fearlessness. Very Happy