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Scott Dixon Has Worst Indy 500 Crash I've Ever Seen (Video)

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    Scott Dixon actually walked away uninjured from one of the most horrific crashes I've ever seen during the Indy 500. Entering the 54th lap, Jay Howard lost control of his car and was veering back down the track, when Dixon inevitably crashed into him. The two hit in such a way that it caused Dixon's car to go airborne and collide with the inside retaining wall, completely ripping the car apart.

    I know the engineering of these cars is extremely extensive, but I just can't wrap my head around how he walks away uninjured.

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    I heard one of the broadcasters say later on in the race that the more damaging the crash looks to the car, the less damage the driver usually takes. Was explaining it's because of the engineering; shock absorption design of the indy cars. Suppose it makes sense. Still, watching that, very hard to believe.