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Rafael Nadal Wins His 10th French Open Title

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    Rafael Nadal has defeated Stan Wawrinka, 6-2, 6-3, 6-1, for the French Open title on Sunday. This marks an impressive 10th championship title for Nadal, and making it his 15th overall Grand Slam since 2014. This puts him just past Pete Sampras at second place on the all-time list, and now staring down Roger Federer at first place with 18.

    Nadal gave a shout out to his coach (whom is also his uncle), Toni Nadal just after the match. "Thanks to my uncle, he's been with me since I was three years old, we've been working a lot and without him I would not have these 10 trophies with me."

    Toni Nadal said he is planning to step down as coach at the end of this season. Can't blame him for that. It's never a bad thing to go out on a win.

    Congrats, Nadal. You've earned.

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    Nadal's definitely my favorite to watch. And even though Federer has him on titles at the moment, their head to head record suggests Nadal may be better.

    Head to head record

    Being that Nadal is 4 years younger than Federer, I think Nadal will own the record books when it's all said and done for a very long time. His only other strong competition is Djokovic, who has 12, and is a year younger than him.