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Predicting the NBA Finals: Hawks v Warriors?

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    I know its a little early to really have the NBA finals pegged. But looks like to me and every other talking head that the two clear powerhouses in this year's NBA season are the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors.

    Looking at the standings, that's clear enough. Atlanta is running away with the East, right now 7 games up on the next closest opp. Hawks are 43-11 and Raptors are next at 36-17. That's an enormous lead. They would have to literally start throwing games to lose out on a top seed.

    Golden State (West) is enjoying the best record right now of anyone, being the ONLY team that is still in the single digit lose category at 42-9. Memphis is 5 games back at 39-14. Easy to see why; Steph Curry is a lights out shooter.

    Of course things will change over the rest of the season. But with already 50+ games under their belts, they clearly look like the best teams with the best chance to play for the championship. One thing I will say is that the Warriors are very dependent upon accurate shooting over defense. That's a clear vulnerable part of their game that can get exposed, especially if they have an off series in the playoffs. But the Hawks, IMO, don't have any holes in their game.

    Think this will be the 2 teams to make it all the way? Or do you see another team or two that actually has what it takes to usurp these teams?
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    We might have already seen a preview to the finals, if this pans out like I think it will. Hawks looked good. Wonder if that's a sign of things to come?

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    I really do see the Hawks walking into the Finals pretty easy. They are just dominating everyone in the East. I would be shocked if they miss out this year. But for the West.. we have really never seen a more competitive conference in the NBA, maybe in the history of the league. It really is one of the best. I still have a lot of hope for my Mavs. And I really do think the Warriors could fall. The Grizzlies, Portland, Spurs, really all the top 7 or 8 teams have a legitimate chance.

    I'm slanted toward Dallas. I think Carlyle is the best coach in the league, and if any non-Warrior team has a chance to out coach and out game Steph and company, my money's on the Mavs.
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    Make some room for the Cavs. They are on a serious hot streak right now. AND they just signed Kendrick Perkins: Cavs Sign Kendrick Perkins