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Where do you rank Sidney Crosby after 2nd straight Stanley Cup MVP?

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    Penguins won the Stanley Cup, again. And Sidney Crosby is the Conn Smythe (MVP) winner, again. After winning the Stanley Cup MVP two years in a row, something that's only been done by 2 other players ever, is it too early to start thinking of Crosby as one of the best hockey players, period?

    He's only 29. No reason to think his team can't three-peat next year either. If not now, if he does it again, it should be undeniable. Read an article talking about only 4 names ahead of his:

    Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and Mario Lemieux.

    Lemiuex was one of the other 2 to ever win back to back Conn Symthe trophies. So makes sense that Crosby is in the #5 consideration.

    What do you think of that list? Does he belong, yet?

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    #5 definitely. And like you said, the dude's young. So who knows how high he will go on the list. For sure he is the top 10 right now. I think most everyone could agree there, right? The more times he wins, the higher he'll climb. Simple as that.
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    Just in the middle of reading that, I was about to say Wayne Gretzky. It's cool to see Babe-Ruth-like athletes in this day and age.