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2017 NBA Mock Draft (picks 1-10)

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    Of course mock drafts vary depending on which site you look at, but here's Sports Illustrated's take on the 2017 NBA mock draft. It actually includes the full first round, but I kept it to the top 10, as that's the most interesting. Really, most are thinking that the 'elite' options only extend to the top 8 picks. (of course my Mavs get the #9 pick :/). Anyways, I tend to like SI the most for mocks; they seem pretty accurate year in, year out. At least for the NBA.

    1. Celtics - Markelle Fultz, PG
    2. Lakers - Lonzo Ball, PG
    3. 76ers - Jayson Tatum, SF
    4. Suns - Josh Jackson, SF
    5. Kings - De'Aaron Fox, PG
    6. Magic - Dennis Smith, PG
    7. Wolves - Jonathan Isaac, SF
    8. Knicks - Malik Monk, SG
    9. Mavericks - Frank Ntilikina, PG
    10. Kings - Lauri Markkanen, PF

    I did see a few articles where Lonzo Ball actually falls to the 4th or even 5th or 6th pick.. just because his talents at point are too close to players that teams at the top of the draft already have. Makes sense, but I think the thought that you pick the best player available should reign supreme here IMO.

    My thoughts are that the Lakers and the Kings make the best out of this draft. That is, only if the Lakers take Ball. Read reports they miiiight take Josh Jackson..

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    Well, they got the first 5 picks exactly right. Then missed the last 5 -

    6. Jonathan Issac
    7. Lauri Markkanen
    8. Frank Ntilinkia
    9. Dennis Smith Jr.
    10. Zach Collins