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Blimp crashes near U.S. Open, then explodes (Video)

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    An advertisement blimp was caught on camera slowly deflating, then crashed to the ground, and finally exploded. This happened very near the U.S. Open at Erin Hills, around 11:15 a.m.

    You can watch some of the early footage caught on a cell -

    Watch a blimp crash at the U.S. Open

    Or, USA Today has an even more complete version, where you can see the actual fire ball explosion.

    Pretty crazy stuff. Apparently no one was injured. Reports are saying the pilot when down with the blimp. All the way to the ground he stayed with it. And only suffered some burns, believed fairly minor, from the explosion.

    No reports on exactly what caused the crash. Though I did read that someone pulled the pilot from the wreckage, so that part I am not really clear on. Plus you can hear people on the first video talk about 'they just parachuted out'.. couldn't really make any of that out though. Is that confirmed?

    Post here if more details come out. Curious about that one. Either way, glad no one was seriously hurt.

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    Not sure about the parachute comment, but here's somewhat of an update on the pilot per ABC:

    The Washington County Sheriff’s Office described the pilot's injuries and burns as serious. A spokesperson for AirSign, an aerial advertising firm based in Florida, said its blimp was involved in the incident, and told ABC News the pilot suffered nonlife-threatening burns and will be "OK."