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The Houston Rockets, another NBA 'SuperTeam'

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    Chris Paul is now a Houston Rocket. He joins James Harden, obviously in an attempt to battle yet another 'superteam' in the GS Warriors in the West. I wonder if going all out to build a short term 'superteam' is the way to go in the NBA now? Versus drafting intelligently? And/or just drafting smart and going for players that give max value for lesser contract $ (ie the Patriots in the NFL)?

    I think the facts can be a little deceiving. Sure, Lebron going to Miami, along with Bosch, obviously looked like instant success using this model. This in fact reignited the superteam idea. (It's not necessarily new to the NBA, just got it's most publicity with Lebron). But how much of that was just simply Lebron? I mean, wherever the guy goes, he wins. It's not a lock that he needs superstars surrounding him.

    Since then, several teams have tried to trade 'the best' (and usually those superstars that have aged and arguably past their prime already) for quite a lot in trade, in an attempt to have 2-3 giants on their team.

    I think this is a flawed strategy. Durant and Westbrook were on the same team for years. In OKC. We remember that right? Are the Rockets saying that an aged Chris Paul in a different city is better than what OKC showed in the past? Maybe that's an unfair comparison.. I just don't think this is a wise strategy is all. I get that the Durant/Curry combo in Golden State scares everyone. And it should. Though selling out trying to copy their model isn't the way to go here.

    Just my 2 cents. Rant over. Thoughts?

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    Another team is joining in on the trend: OKC gets Paul George. Big upgrade there. Westbrook and George might be a better duo than Durant/Westbrook just because of the positions and roles they fill.
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    I don't think it's a good strategy either. It's all about money/sponsors/advertisers at this point. I am so sick of hearing about Lebron, it's silly. I wouldn't go as far as to say his moving victories are luck, but I don't think it's far off. I'm going to guess that these other teams following the "superteam" drafts and trades are most likely in line for disappointment.