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This Tour de France crash disqualified Peter Sagan?

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    So I've watched this crash from a few different angles. Videos below. Gotta say I think a full disqualification from the rest of the race was way too harsh for Peter Sagan. Yes, from one angle you can clearly see him stick out his elbow. But from another, you can't really see that at all, and it looks like he was put in a very tight and bad situation, that he had to make the best of it, or crash himself.

    Do you think he should have been disqualified for this crash??

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    I agree. It he didn't have much of a choice, but to crash into the guy next to him. It's a bummer when sporting events do this. "Rubbin is racing, son." ;)
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    I think they should have dug a bit deeper than just this crash. They could have looked into whether or not there was malice between the two. If there was none, let him keep riding. Though if there was a history between the two, the outcome would be appropriate. It kind of looks like he pushed his elbow out to create a barrier to protect himself from the situation. Then again, it kind of looks like it was intentional.
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    Not surprisingly, Sagan appealed, and got quickly rejected. I think the committee is just playing it safe here.

    Court rejects Peter Sagan’s appeal on Tour de France disqualification

    Sucks all around, as Sagan stays out, and Cavendish broke his shoulder blade in the crash, and is obviously out of the race as well.