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Will the Gold Cup US/Mex streak ever be broken?

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    Since it's inception in 91, Mexico and USA have been dominating the championship. It's either of the two who win it. According to this article, they've claimed wins in 12 of the 13 tournaments so far. Canada has been the only other team to win the Gold Cup, and that was just once. It doesn't help that the tournament is held every two years, and it just so happens to mainly be hosted stateside, so there's an advantage there. Perhaps other teams aren't taking it so seriously? Perhaps they are too focused on the World Cup? Thoughts?
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    That's my feeling, that it's not taken AS seriously. And the competition isn't AS hard. Still, it's a qualifier for the ultimate stage. Pretty important for all teams involved. Surprises me that teams like Costa Rica or Brazil haven't ever won.