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Jordan Spieth and Jack Nicklaus are in a category unto themselves

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    Spieth just won the British Open, giving him his third Grand Slam victory before the age of 24. Only one other golfer in history has managed to pull that feat off at that age, Jack Nickalus. That puts him above Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, you name it. Just when I decided to think of Spieth as just another of a whole lot of good golfers going today, he surprises me again.

    So he also won the Masters and US Open, leaving only the PGA Championship. Unfortunately Spieth turns 24 next week, and the PGA isn't until next month. But still, if he wins there, that I think would make him the youngest to win all 4. I would imagine anyways... when did Nickalus win his 4th, anyone know?

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    Nicklaus' 18 major championship victories

      Looks like Jack was 27 when he completed his career Grand Slam (winning all 4 majors). So Spieth still has a few years to beat that. :) Could happen.. even though he just lost this time around.