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Dodge isn't Returning to NASCAR

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    Some thought they'd make their comeback, since their departure in 2012. Even though they had only two teams, there are Dodge loyalists who wanted to see the Ram hit the track. Personally, I think it's a load of drama because NASCAR still has Chevy, Ford and Toyota in the mix. Two reasons why the Dodge CEO decided to side-step the opportunity is because it's too expensive of an en devour to justify the benefits. Also, in this article it says that they would have a hard time finding a race team with top-tier engine building capability. I guess they couldn't use the advertising.
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    Still, odd to see them out of the mix. Especially when I think of those brands - Chevy, Ford, Toyota.. Dodge actually comes to mind as a NASCAR worthy brand over those 3. Must be the general advertising Dodge has with consumer models the last several years.
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    Must mean they aren't doing as good as a company all around. Just looked up Fiat Chrysler Auto stock price. Shocked to see how cheap it is. $16.39 right now. By comparison:

    GM - $37.67
    Toyota - $113.73

    But then there's Ford. $11.50. So maybe the logic isn't exactly right here. Still 11-16 dollar stock for those 2 companies seems really low.