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Nadal vs Federer in the US Open

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    It's never happened before. But both are in the quarterfinals, one win away a piece from squaring off in the US Open for the first time. Looked up the Nadal vs Federer head to head record:

    Nadal - 23 wins (63%)
    Federer - 14 wins (38%)

    So clearly Nadal has the head to head edge. But then again, in 2017 it's been all Federer. He won when the 2 meet up at the Australian Open in January. And then 2 other times at lesser ATP tournaments. All 3 were on hard court surfaces, same as the US Open court.

    Looking at it another way still, Federer has won the US Open 5 times (2004-2008), but none sense. Nadal only took the crown twice, but in 2010 and 2013. So much more recently.

    Very interesting matchup between arguably the 2 best tennis players in the world, if it happens. My guess is it will. Any guess as to who takes it?

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    Nadal's in.

    Would be shocked if Federer doesn't win tonight.

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    Well... not going to happen this year. Got very close. But Juan Martin del Potro upset Federer. Should be a really good semi finals. But definitely disappointing to see this headline:

    Juan Martin del Potro again spoils a Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal U.S. Open meeting