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Biggest movers in the AP Top 25 in College Football

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    Alabama started as #1. And unless they lose, those guys aren't moving. Which if you have ever read any of my other threads, I can't stand that fact. I will continue to root for their failure. But I digress.. want to keep a running tally of all the biggest changes in the AP Top 25 throughout the season.

    First up, poor Florida State. Down from #3 to #10. They lost their starting QB for the season, and their first game. Given that, kind of surprising they are still in the top 10, ahead of 1 win teams like OK State and LSU. I expect them to fall even further, unless their rookie QB comes from out of nowhere at rights the ship.

    Texas Longhorns fell out of the Top 25 with season opener loss. They just can't seem to catch a break in the 4th quarter; the trend continues.

    Lastly for this first post, Penn State. Up 2 spots, from 6 to 4. That's in the playoffs vs not. So thought worth pointing out. Since it's Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State, the usual suspects, I am rooting for Penn State this year all the way. A 52-0 beating down of Akron was impressive.

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    Oklahoma State this week. Moved from 9 to 6. Think they have a real shot at the playoffs. Circle 11/4 on the calendar. Could be the best game of the whole season: Oklahoma vs Ok State. In Oklahoma. Playoff defining game.
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    Down goes Clemson, Washington State and Washington. Since they all lost to unranks, they should all fall a good deal. Leaves the door wide open for Ohio State to beat Penn next week and suddenly be what.. #2 or #3 at worst after. And Oklahoma is suddenly back in play and I'm sure they are hoping TCU stays unbeaten until they play.