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Trump vs the NFL and the National Anthem Protests

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    Leave it to our President to unify the league.

    Trump said this at a rally, just before Week 3's games:

    "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, 'Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He's fired. He's fired!"

    Of course, he was mostly directing that comment to Colin Kaepernick, who he was already called out publicly a few times. But now his criticism is also directed toward just about anyone in the league that decides to kneel or lock arms with other teammates, during the national anthem.

    Well, only a small fraction of NFL players (6) were protesting the national anthem before Week 3, but after that comment it seems the entire league joined in (over 200 during week 3's games). Even coaches, commentators, NFL execs and even Roger Goodell condemned the President. Here's a report on it:

    I know the protests themselves are divisive to many across the country for one reason or another. But I was surprised and happy to see so many NFL players and higher up staff stand up against Donald Trump's comments. It's certainly odd to see a US President spend his time focusing criticism toward NFL players peacefully protesting. I'm glad the league immediately understood that a unified front response was the best course of action, and decided to display that front ALL OVER national television throughout the entire Sunday onslaught of NFL games.

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    Seems like one week was enough to send the message. Even though Trump didn't really back down, from everything I saw across the country, the vast majority were on the side of the players and the league and their actions vs Trump. Week 4 most teams moved on from protesting. Wonder if this will be the end of this controversy?

    One thing I am a little tired of is and all broadcasters constantly noting if anyone protested or not. Like not protesting is now a story and an nfl headline. Should only be a story if something happens.

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    First off, I absolutely despise that I have to see politics at the beginning of each game now. Politics and sports should stay church and state (or, you know. how it's supposed to be). Keep them far, far away from each other. It's not the NFL or even Trump's fault this is happening in the NFL.... It's the citizens for allowing it. It would hurt the NFL very badly if everyone united and not watched the games on TV, and far worse if a lot of people didn't buy tickets until the reality show drama stopped. And to be clear, I could care less if they are taking a knee. That is their American right to do so. It's very dangerous to cherry pick which parts of the constitution someone is or isn't allowed to do. Peacefully protesting by doing absolutely nothing is far better than some other groups I could mention. I care that I have to go through that feeling at the beginning of each game that I am watching to get some relief from the absolute joke of a society that we are living in. And no one left, right, center, ind, or anything can honestly deny that we haven't let it get to an embarrassingly bad state.

    As someone who follows both politics and the NFL/sports, the timing was perfect for everyone to hop on the knee train. Kapernick broke the ice by doing it first months back. Then a few more trickled in, but it didn't quite feel right for everyone to become as noble. The most important thing here is that it is no longer about race. It is now about Trump and the circus our government has become. Anyone who looked into it for even a couple minutes in the beginning would know that originally it was about police beating/killing African Americans and authorities abusing power. Basically, race is what fueled the fire. It's sooo much easier now to protest the state of the obviously bad government, rather than an extremely sensitive racial issue that was mostly geared towards African Americans. Once the race issue calmed down and it turned into a civilians vs. government protest, it became something that ALL NFL players could hop on board with. That time happened last/this month.

    But again, this is all ridiculous. All I see is drama in every direction I look. I honestly don't see a way America can crawl out of this self righteous, obnoxiously politically correct, and embarrassing hole it has dug itself in. Everyone stands for 5 thousand different things, yet no one makes any progress because they're too busy trying to make sure their Facebook and Instagram photos of them 'protesting' gets a bunch of likes. Everyone just wants the drama and attention.