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Which College Football unbeatens have the best chance to stay perfect?

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    It's been a few years since there were this many undefeated teams after 6 weeks in the season. Even though we just lost 3 after week 5 (Clemson, Washington and Washington State). That means the college football playoffs is pretty wide open. Unless the NCAA world is upended, we will see Alabama stay unbeaten. Though makes me wonder of all these other teams.

    Which others do you think have the best chance to finish with a -0 in the loss column? Here's my thinking:


    1. Alabama (just Auburn left as far as top 25 teams currently. No competition there.)

    2. Penn State (they have Michigan, MSU and OSU left on the schedule. I think they lose one of those.)

    3. Georgia (Auburn is the only current top 25 on their schedule, and they are much more complete than Auburn)

    4. TCU (Oklahoma and Texas Tech, plus Texas and KU... just don't see it)

    5. Wisconsin (Just Michigan as far as top 25 ranks left for them. They should easily go undefeated)

    With that, we would see Alabama, Georgia and Wisconsin in the top 3-4 slots. The -1 team would probably be Clemson. And there you go. That'd be my bet for the CFP.

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    Every single one of these teams is in the top 5. :) Hmmmm.. Will suck if they ALL stay perfect and one team misses out of the CFP. Wisconsin is the odd team out right now.

    I'm thinking TCU doesn't pull it off. All the others do. Easiest CFP chose ever, if so.