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The Reasons why Dallasites will Root for the Astros Anyway

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    I know, two seasons ago, we would have never thought this would happen. I remember sitting in the bleachers behind the Rangers' dugout, booing the Astros with the rest of them. I even recall only one Astros fan sitting in front of me. How did I know? He was the only one to stand and clap while his family, wearing Rangers caps looked up and shook their heads while laughing at him. The caught the oldest man of the group in front of me texted something like "This is just too funny," or something like that. So here we are Rangers fans, we are getting close to the possibility of having no room to talk because if Houston wins, our backs are against the ropes, and it won't be "too funny" this time around.

    So why will we root for the Astros anyway? It's simple, we are Texans, and Texans will root for a dead horse, as long as it's... Texan - see: The Dallas Cowboys. It's just like when Mavs fans root for the Spurs if they make it to the playoffs. Yes, we prefer our home city teams, but ultimately, we want every championship trophy or ring to make its way back over the Red River.

    I found a fun article on the Dallas Morning News' page today. The reasons in the article are mostly tongue-in-cheek, but Check it out anyway. At least it will take the sting off of watching the Astros participate in a championship we wanted the Ranger to instead.

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    Go Dodgers!
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    And the Rangers fans wept...