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"Cheap shot" to Joe Flacco's head

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    Miami's Kiko Alonso made a nasty hit on Joe Flacco's head as Flacco was sliding feet first. Flacco left the game under concussion protocol. It got Alonso a 15 yard penalty but no ejection.

    The announcers thought Alonso should have been ejected. Probably he will be fined.

    ESPN: Joe Flacco suffers concussion after hit by Dolphins LB Kiko Alonso

    Replays show it somewhat close, but it seems to me that Alonso had time to avert the hit.

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    That's a tough call. It definitely looks like he put everything he had into the hit, but It's tough to say if he intentionally meant to low shoulder like that. I'd say that they should have ejected him, just to keep people in check more in the future. Hope Flacco is OK after that.