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UCLA Players Suspended for Shoplifting in China?

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    Three UCLA players were suspended for shoplifting in China. Not only did they shoplift, but they shoplifted from three different stores. Chinese police picked them up and their passports were taken, and travel restriction placed on them. I guess they thought that it wouldn't catch up to them since they were abroad. Apparently it went viral enough for Trump to get involved - of course taking credit for their release. I know they're just in college, but they need to understand, that they are pseudo public figures.
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    Leave it to Trump to make this all about him. Trump on Lavar Ball's remarks: 'I should have left them in jail!'

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    Trump seems to have a problem with African American athletes that don't conform to his political whims. And he targets those athletes as a means to further divide Americans and bolster his own ratings mostly amongst his base. He has now also attacked Marshawn Lynch for sitting during the national anthem.

    Marshawn Lynch's mother, however, has fired back at Trump with the following Tweet:

    “What NFL team do Trump own? Oh yeah they wouldn’t let him have one!”

    Don't get on the wrong side of Lynch's mother or his fans. Lynch is very popular in Oakland, and through his charity has just distributed 500 turkeys to needy families.

    Likewise, at Thanksgiving time, one could always find the Obama family working in a food kitchen serving food to needy families. On the other hand, I expect we'll maybe catch glimpses of Trump out on his golf course at Mar-a-Lago.