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Tony Romo shines as a CBS play by play analyst

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    I've enjoyed listening to Tony Romo's analysis of games all season, especially the fact that he has pretty good insight into what plays the different QBs will call and what they see on the defense alignment to make quick changes. It's like he's in the mind of the QB and calls the plays for the viewer in real time.

    An example of this is the NE-Oakland game in Mexico City where he seemed to be able to call many of Tom Brady's moves and catch the subtle signals between Brady and his receivers as they are happening.

    MSN Sports: Tony Romo beautifully broke down how Tom Brady communicates with his receivers

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    Yeah, he's doing surprisingly well. I was a little worried he would be a bit more.... all knowing? on the subject. For example, I expected him to say what they should have done, could have done, etc. But he's keeping that subdued. I've even heard the mic get cut on him a few times for gasping and about to comment in a negative way.
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    I used to only look forward to games Chris Collinsworth was calling. But now it's Collinsworth and Romo. Feel like you can actually learn something more about the game from those two, over just surface stats and maybe locker room drama. Romo is really engaged in the game and very football intelligent. I know he has gotten some flak for being too excited and too much of a 'spoiler' for upcoming plays. But I actually appreciate his insights. He was a really good QB in Dallas for a decade. Cool to see him bring all that knowledge to the casual fan.