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1 loss Alabama team doesn't deserve playoff spot

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    Happened as many predicted.. Alabama finally lost a regular season game. Fell to Auburn 14-26. It's been pretty clear the last few weeks that the Tide aren't the dominant force they have been the last few years. Still a really good team. Top 10 in the nation for sure.

    But not #4.

    That's where polling will try and keep them though, so they can stay in the playoff picture and possibly still make it to the final championship game. That would be really unfair though to Wisconsin who has done everything they can to deserve that #4 spot. That is, if they beat OSU on 12/2. If that happens, how could you possibly pick Alabama over them?

    Also, Miami lost. So Wisconsin and, at the moment, UCF are the only 2 AP ranked teams that are undefeated, period. Looking like anyone's guess who gets the top 4 spots now. Think Alabama still gets in? Should they?

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    New top 4 polling:

    1. Clemson
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Wisconsin
    4. Auburn

    Good to see Auburn ahead of Alabama, who is now #5.

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    After watching the Alabama-Auburn game, Alabama hardly looked like the Alabama teams of the past. The back to back botched snaps from center are what you might see in a lower level high school game. Alabama folded under the pressure. I would rank them 7th behind Georgia and Miami.