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    So Oklahoma's in. They were #3 and trounced TCU 41-17. Might be #1 now. #2 Auburn lost to #6 Georgia 28 -7. #4 Wisconsin plays #8 Ohio State in the championship game. And #7 Miami plays #1 Clemson in the ACC champ.

    We only know for sure that the Sooners made it in. Is it plausible that Alabama sneaks into the #4 spot (currently #5) as Auburn now has 3 losses, even though Auburn beat them?

    Is Georgia a top 4 lock? I would guess so.

    That's OK and Georgia. If Clemson wins, they are staying #1 I imagine unless it's an ugly win. That leaves Wisconsin which is playing the toughest match up of their season. Coin flip there.

    Very curious how this all plays out.

    Who do you see in the CFP, all said and done?

    Will update once the championship games end.

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    Clemson and Oklahoma are for sure in.

    Leaves Georgia, Ohio State and Alabama. I imagine Georgia is in. 1 loss. SEC Champs. So comes down to a 1 loss Alabama team and a 2 loss Ohio State team that just beat undefeated Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game, but only 27-21.

    Hmmm... I think it's clear that Ohio State had the tougher schedule on the year. Their two losses: 31-16 to Oklahoma, and the embarrassing loss to Iowa of 55-24. That one definitely hurt their chances the most. But they also beat Penn State (who is at the moment still a top 10) and Michigan State, who is still a top 20 program.

    For Alabama, they lost to Auburn in the last week of season. Wasn't competitive either. Sure they beat LSU (#17) and Miss State (#23). They also beat Florida State to open the season. But that was the game FSU lost their QB. Again, not impressive really.

    I would give the edge to Ohio State. But kinda feels like a little bit of a coin flip:

    Let the debate begin between Ohio State and Alabama for the fourth CFP spot

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    It's official:

    Clemson-Alabama, Oklahoma-Georgia set for playoff semis

    After listening to a good bit of debate over Alabama or Ohio State, gotta say I think they made the right choice.

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    I pick Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State,Wisconsin Penn state
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    I don't like Auburn cause they cheat to win. All the time. And I also don't like Oklahoma they also cheat to win, as well

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    I've always Liked Ohio State, Tennessee Wisconsin, Penn State, Alabama Georgia. The reason why I liked the teams that I just picked are because I used to live in Ohio. And I also used to live in Tennessee. And the only reason why reason why I don't have Oklahoma and Auburn Florida State Florida Gators is because they all cheat to win. I've always been a true and honest fan of Orange and White. Cause Tennessee had to great people that I Really Liked the head Coach farmer and his quarterback #16 and yes I am taking about the one and only one Peyton Manning. Than Peyton Manning then went to the Colts he wore #18. And then he went Denver and he still had #18. And he won super bowl 50. @ the right fold age of 40 Peyton Manning retired!