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Clemson Destroys Miami in ACC Championship Game

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    This was one heck of a game. Clemson took it to Miami with a whopping final score of 38-03 in the ACC Championship game. I have to give a ton of credit to Clemson's QB, Kelley Bryant. This guy had Deshaun Watson's enormous shoes to fill. And with a lot of people rooting against him, you'd think it would be too much to handle. But he had it all under control. Really, the entire team shined. All in all, the Tigers had 5 touchdowns and 3 forced turnovers.

    "It's special because we had a lot of questions going into the season, a lot of guys that left last year," Bryant said. "I'm just trying to do my job, like Coach Dabo said, be the best version of Kelly B that I can be."

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    Was exactly what I expected. Miami did well down the stretch to make it to that game, but Clemson is obviously the more talented team.

    So, thought a good deal about their CFP game coming up thanks to this one. Now it's officially against Alabama. Lots of controversy for some thinking it really should have been Ohio State. I even wrote a forum saying as much.

    But I have to admit, the most compelling matchup for a #1 vs #4, win and go to the championship game would be to watch Clemson v Alabama. Well over Ohio State v Clemson. Clemson would also destroy Ohio State. Same can't automatically be said about Alabama. Should be a good one.

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    I will look forward to Clemson beating Alabama by a sizable margin...maybe 21 points or more. Alabama just doesn't have the same caliper of their championship teams from the past.