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Denver Broncos skid to the bottom

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    The Denver Broncos are taking on the characteristics of the Cleveland Browns. They have now lost eight games in a row, something they haven't done in 50 years when they lost nine in a row in 1967. The Dolphins snapped a five-game losing streak in beating the Broncos, 9-35.

    The game wasn't even close. The team had four turnovers (three by the QB Siemien including a pick-six). No offensive touchdowns. Only a field goal and one defensive touchdown. Siemian was 20 of 42 for 219 yards, three sacks and two safeties.

    They also had a blocked punt, a failed onside kick, and a fumbled punt return

    The offense failed to convert on their first 11 third downs, finishing 1 for 13.

    The defense isn't too bad but they never get a rest.

    Next week they have the New York Jets at home...going for nine losses in a row.

    As an avid Broncos fan it was tough for me to watch and now write about it. I have no solutions to offer. I suspect the coach will be fired at the end of the season.

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    Oh man. I really didn't see this coming against Miami.

    I didn't get a chance to watch that game but I was online checking for updates and whatnot periodically for this one. Picked up Denver's defense in fantasy football this weekend, as Miami's offense has been awful this year and even though Denver isn't putting up a lot of flashy defensive plays, their D is still top 4-5 in the league in almost all major categories (every one except for Points Allowed).

    Well, turned out to be a good move on my part, as their defense scored that TD. But wow, does their offense suck. How do you manage two safeties in the same game??

    Just terrible.

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    It wasn't just the two safeties, it was all the knockdowns and hurries by the quarterback as well as batted down passes. The offensive line just was not strong enough to contain Miami's pass rush...but that applies to the other seven losses as well. A good QB might read the defensive schemes better like Tom Brady does and pass the ball quickly. Denver QBs seem to be scrambling for cover as soon as they get the ball from center and miss open guys down the field or throw it way over their heads.
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    Yeah, I hear ya.

    It's amazing that the Broncos are very likely going to have a top 5 pick in next year's draft, given how good they have been the last few years, and how good they started off this year. Remember the demolishing of Dallas? All down hill since then..

    So with a (very likely) top 5 draft pick, do you go for a QB? For offensive line help? Seems the two most in need of positions.

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    Maybe they finally figured it out? Won the last 2 games pretty easily. Looks like they have gone back to their winning formula of strong defense, keep the game tied or hold the lead while running the ball a ton and only throwing when necessary. Could just be they played the Jets and Colts though..