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The Most Anticipated College Football Bowl Games this Season

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    I wanted to get a poll of what everyone thinks will be the most entertaining or interesting bowl games this season. I found a top 40 on ESPN, but I'd like to get the opinion of everyone on here. I'm not just talking about picks that are based on reputation or history. The picks should be based on other factors, such as who is playing who, and why. Of course I won't list all 40 here, but I'll throw in a top five. Let's see if others agree with ESPN's picks.

    1. Sugar Bowl - Alabama vs. Clemson

    2. Rose Bowl - Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    3. Cotton Bowl Classic - USC vs. Ohio State

    4. Peach Bowl - UCF vs. Auburn

    5. Citrus Bowl - Notre Dame vs. LSU

    I like this quote regarding the Sugar Bowl. Happy

    Not every third installment of a trilogy lives up to the hype. For every "Return of the Jedi," there's a "Godfather III." But we're sold on this one, not because of the lingering storylines from the first two installments, but for the new faces (Kelly Bryant, Raekwon Davis), new dynamics (Alabama with a chip on its shoulder?) and new stakes.

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    Clemson should easily beat Alabama.
    Georgia will lose big to Oklahoma.
    Auburn will beat UCF by double digits.

    I feel like those games are fairly predictable. USC vs Ohio State though, that's the game I want to see. Both got left out of the playoffs this year, just barely. Both want to prove they are better than the selection committee thinks they are. Should be a very high energy game. No idea who will win.