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Packer's QB Aaron Rodgers Cleared to Return!

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    That was fast! Aaron Rodgers has been medically cleared to return since breaking his right collar bone back on October 15th. Since Rodgers is one of the main reasons I watch NFL and play fantasy, when he got carted off to the locker room, so did all of my hope for the Packer's season. But it's not over!

    I am super excited to say that he will be playing this weekend in a crucial game against the Panthers.

    I am placing my bet on the Packers to win. Not just because I am a Packers fan, but because I believe Rodgers is going to come out swinging. They also won their last two games against Cleveland and Tampa Bay, albeit not the best teams, but wins nonetheless. That motivation is even more push for Green Bay as a whole to pull off a win.

    And honestly, I just don't see Cam Newton's skill level anywhere near that of Rodger's. That along with the Panthers just keep getting rid of their star players, really the only receiver they have left is Christian McCaffrey. And don't get me wrong, I definitely wish I would have drafted him. But when that's the only weapon in your offensive arsenal, you can't expect to defeat a team like the Packers.

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    Those last 2 wins were key. If they had lost either of those, Rodgers would have probably sat for the rest of the season. But now that they are 7-6, they have a legitimate chance for the playoffs. As a wildcard.

    I think they will win too. I actually think they will win out. But hard to see them passing Seattle and the Falcons for the 6th seed. They do play the Lions, so they can at least control jumping them in the line for that last spot. Have to get lucky now, and win 3 more in a row.

    Also will be nice to see Jordy Nelson get back to relevance.