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Single Digit Temperatures for The Winter Olympics

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    This year's Winter Olympic Games are expected to be in the single digits. This compared to the past two consecutive Winter Games with temps much warmer than normal, should make for an interesting time. I'm wondering how the athletes are going to cope with this. It's one thing to be used to competing in snow and cold, but single digits plus wind chill is a whole different beast.

    And I'm not only worried about the athletes, but I'm actually more worried about the spectators. Aside from the locals, I just don't see how fans are going withstand this. Pyeongchang is located a half-mile above sea level. That means that high winds are going to be common throughout the games.

    I've experienced -15 degrees with wind chill, it hurts... and it hurts bad. Not only does your skin feels like glass shattering when the wind blows, you also can't think, breath, eat, see very good, etc. The only thing that helps is to cover your entire body with high quality winter gear. Even then, it only slows the cold down and retains some of your body heat. To the average person traveling for the Olympics, I don't think it will help as much as they think it will.

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    I'm sure the collective Olympic athletic community did a 'oh c'mon, are you serious?!' when they saw the forecast for the games. That sucks I'm sure for them. Everyone's performance will suffer from this. Those that are used to that kind of weather will have a edge for sure.