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Figure Skating will Sound Pretty Different at the 2018 Olympics

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    To start off, I'm not a huge figure skating fan, but this might actually get me to watch more than 10 seconds of a figure skating routine. Since the 2014-2015 season, they've allowed music with lyrics into skater's routines. So instead of the typical Chopin-esque yawn worthy stuff, we'll hear mashups of Christina Aguilera and Elvis? Hmm. Anyway, I can see the pros to adding such a thing to figure skating in the Olympics. A USA Today article summed it up pretty well, below are the main points that I pretty much agree with. Let's see if any of you do as well.

    1. The music is much more recognizable for fans - Maybe more recognizable songs in routines will draw a broader audience.

    2. It opens up the music catalog - No telling how many times Swan Lake as been done... just saying.

    3. Old classics are made more vibrant - Instead of being limited to the symphonic rendition of a classical piece, a skater can opt for one that is vocal or operatic. A skater now can time their jumps to something, perhaps, more moving.

    4. Fans don't have to work so hard to understand the routine - Skaters are trying to tell a story. Perhaps, we need a pop-up-book version to get the point across.

    So, do you agree?

    Here are two examples. I actually got through half of each one. Wink

    Prince - Let's Go Crazy

    Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight

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    I like point #4 the most. IF you already know the song, the ice skating can bring new meaning to the song, therefore highlighting the creativity. Smart on their part. But this is coming from a big music/score fan.
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    Agreed. I like #4 the most as well. I tend to agree with all of them. Now, if we can only get a skating pair to do an interpretation of Iron Maiden's Run to The Hills. Seriously, that would be a very dramatic and fast paced routine. Reminds of something they would have done on Blades of Glory. lol