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Elite 8 Winners, Kentucky and then everyone else

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    First half of Sweet Sixteen action is now over. Kentucky, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Arizona made it through to the Elite 8. The other 4 will be decided in a few hours.

    Kentucky absolutely destroyed West Virginia, doubling their score 79-38. The game was never in question. And the Wildcats look above and beyond the best team in the tournament. Question is, can anyone beat them? Will Notre Dame be able to hang with them at all, let alone actually beat them? After that game vs WV, I seriously doubt it.

    My guess is that NC State beats Louisville, Oklahoma wins over Michigan State, Utah beats Duke, and Gonzaga wins over UCLA. I know that makes 2 fairly big upsets. But even if the higher seeds win, is there ANYONE of the remaining, Elite 8 that can give Kentucky a run for their money?

    Notre Dame will be the first to try. If they fail, next up will be the winner of the Wisconsin/Arizona game. If the Wildcats beat them, then its onto the finals to face either - Duke, Utah, UCLA or Gonzaga. My guess is that the Zags make it, but still lose. Either way, can any of those teams realistically stack up against KU and beat them?