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Cindy Crawford New Super Bowl Commercial

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    Cindy Crawford is recreating her role in that iconic Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial she did back in 1992 drinking that can of Pepsi in a white t-shirt. It will be her 5th Super Bowl Commercial.

    Thoughts? How does that commercial rank all time? James Corden even did a spoof of it. Last year they brought back Spuds Mackenzie and this year it's Cindy Crawford. Any takers on the Bud Bowl making a return? Especially with today's technology. lol.

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    The Cindy Crawford ad is definitely one that everyone remembers. It's funny that having the SB attached to an ad instantly makes it recognizable for so much longer. I'm always excited to see what kind of ads the Super Bowl will produce.

    I really hope they don't mess up the memory of this particular ad with some new-age meme type stuff.

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    Gotta be top 5 iconic ads from the Super Bowl, all time. They released the 2018 official ad which does feature Cindy, and her son along with a few other celebs:

    This is the Pepsi