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MLB Opening Day kicks off with the Cubs

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    162 games. What a crazy, ridiculously, stupidly long regular season this sport has. That's major league baseball for ya though. And while I won't be tuning into any more than say half (or more like only a quarter) of my team's games (LA Dodgers), I will definitely be watching the first few for sure. It's all about to start up again, and the first week is always pretty intense.

    Opening Day kicks off with the Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Sunday, April 5, 8 p.m. ... Maybe the Cubs can finally shake the curse and be decent?? .. doubtful. I wish they would have slated a better opener. But hey, maybe it will surprise me.

    Dodgers have the Padres on Monday. Should be a good one. Kershaw of course will be the opening day starting pitcher. He's honestly the main reason why I'm still a Dodgers fan. It's really hard to root for a team without a major pitching talent.
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    I'm a die hard Cubs fan and this may be our year! To be fair, that has become a running joke, but I really am a die hard Cubs fan and I really do think this may be our year. We are looking really good and I am pretty excited about things, but I'm also a Cubs fan and we are used to being sorely disappointed each and every year since 1908.