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Patriots make their 8th Super Bowl in the Brady dynasty era

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    Obviously this is a dynasty. That shows no signs of slowing down until Brady retires AND Belichick leaves town. And even then, we will see. Patriots defeated Jacksonville with a 4th quarter comeback, down 10, to win 24-20. So they are back to back AFC Champs, and have now won the last 3 of the 4 AFC Championships.

    Their tally dating back to when Brady took over as the starting QB, they have played in 7 Super Bowls, and won 5 of them. Now make it 8 SBs.

    Question is, will they make it 6 rings during this dynasty? Or does the Philly/Vikings winner have what it takes to do what the Jags almost but couldn't quite pull off.. the upset?

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    I wasn't shocked at the ending of this game. I was really hoping that the Jaguars would win, but I know Brady's record for comebacks... I'm thinking we will see Patriots vs Vikings at the Super Bowl. And I'm hoping Viking win.
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    No one can deny that this is one of, if not the, best teams in NFL history. The Brady-Belichick duo has been second to none for over a decade now.

    I don't really have anything against the Patriots, but I'll definitely be rooting for the Eagles this year. However, I won't be placing any bets on them because the Patriots are seemingly unstoppable.