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NFL Pro Bowl Week Is Better Than Ever

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    Football season is quickly drawing to a close, but we still have several things to look forward to in the next couple weeks. Now that we know the Eagles will face the Patriots at the Super Bowl, that leaves us in anticipation until Feb. 4th. That's where the NFL Pro Bowl week comes into play. We all get another chance to see our favorite players compete in a series of competitions and much more light-hearted football.

    This year's format will be the traditional AFC vs NFC, which returned last year. 88 of the NFL's best athletes (44 from each conference) were voted for by fans, coaches, and players to compete in this year's game.

    We will also be getting the second edition of the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown! The event will be three days before the Pro Bowl, on Jan. 25th at 3 p.m. ET. After this comment by the NFL's VP event manager, "With new competitions and special surprises this year, we are raising the bar even higher for both teams and are excited to see which conference ends up victorious." I'm curious what they have planned for us.

    I really like the direction the NFL is taking this. The Pro Bowl was definitely dropping in excitement the past few years. If they keep adding stuff like the Skills Showdown, I'm all in for a week full of cool events.

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    Yeah the skills showdown is probably the best part of the Pro Bowl now. Last year was pretty cool..

    Best of the Pro Bowl Skill Showdown 2017