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Summer Olympics Ceremonies

Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium, home of the 2016 Olympic Opening & Closing ceremoniesRio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium, home of the 2016 Olympic Opening & Closing ceremoniesBy: Brazilian Government

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  • Olympians Deserve Better Than Rio's Toxic Water
    Would you swim in water that has been described as toxic? Would you take a row boat into sewage? How about go sailing in a fecal matter infested ocean? Might you kayak or canoe your way through a super-bacteria filled sea?Olympians at Rio are braver than I.
  • Rio Olympic's Start with Killing of a Jaguar at Torch Ceremony
    So someone had the bright idea to chain up a jaguar so the Olympic torch holders could pose with it for pictures. It being the Brazilian Olympic's team mascot is a jaguar named Ginga. What could go wrong.... Well one dead near-extinct animal (for an idiotic reason), and a horrible and ironic start for Rio.Supposedly the animal escaped handlers.
  • Zika Virus Adds Yet Another Scare To the Summer Olympics.
    Athletes have been expressing concerns of the zika virus at the summer Olympics. Now even journalists are starting to back out and not go at all. And I don't blame them a bit. I really hate to say it, but am going to be completely honest here. I sense something very bad boiling over during the Olympics.

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