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Banned Super Bowl Commercials - 2019 Racy & Controversial Ads

Kate Upton: Starred in Banned Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Commercial. Kate Upton: Starred in Banned Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Commercial. By: ChelseaFC4453

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  • It takes some guts to create a nationally televised Super Bowl commercial that's so racy or offensive it gets rejected by the very television networks that stand to make millions off selling the necessary air time. But every year, there are always those few companies that push the envelope, and get the infamous stamp of 'banned' for their efforts.

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  • For me, this was geared up to be the very best year for Super Bowl commercials to date. After seeing several sneak peaks of what was in store I was more than excited. After all, the best part of watching the game is getting to laugh a lot in between the seriousness of the sport. I will say I was not disappointed at all. Once the game got rolling the ads starting coming in left an right.
  • Are you ready for a sneak peak of the biggest commercials that will be shown during the Super Bowl? 2015 will bring a lot of the same actors of Super Bowl's past, but will also welcome some new brands and other brands who have not aired a Super Bowl commercial in many years. Here is a sneak preview of some of the most highly anticipated commercials you'll be seeing on Sunday.
  • 2015 seems like a bit of a down year for super bowl advertising. Price slots are down, and some notable companies have already decided not to participate this year, as they have nothing of note rolling out that is worthy of an expensive commercial, even if the slots are marginally less expensive. One such company will be Volkswagen.

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