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  • Jan 24, 2020 03:58 PM
    Last: 4hr
    Rooting for Gauff now. Amazing what she is doing at just 15. Her next match is against #14 Kenin. There is a real chance she could make it the semis.
  • Jan 25, 2020 01:14 AM
    Last: 4hr

    I'm looking maybe most forward to the Doritos one. Sam Elliott will be in it and he's great and the teaser is already great. Doritos usually lands in my top 5 every year.

    The Heinz commercial sounds interesting too.. they are going to show a split screen where they air four ads at once, the idea being you will want to go back and rewatch to see everything that's happening. Pretty clever.

  • Jan 23, 2020 07:50 PM
    Last: 1d
    You would think some on this list should come from the 90's. But I went back and looked at the lineups and the way SB halftime shows used to work. And I can see why none of those shows likely made the list. Halftime shows have evolved a lot in the last few decades, from marching bands and what you might expect from a college or high school halftime show just on a bigger scale to all out concerts. The changes started in 1991 and it looks like it took them a decade to start to get it right.
  • Jan 15, 2020 04:11 PM
    Last: 8d
    I agree that Cowboy is better all around. If Conor can keep the fight off the mat the whole time he will probably win. But I suspect Donald will take him down at least a few times and if and when that happens I expect for Cerrone to come out on top. McGregor wouldn't take a fight at this stage in his career though if he felt like it was a 50/50 proposition (like I think it is) so it leads me to think he feels confident he can win this fight and its not just about the money and the spotlight. I want Cerrone to win, but I know how much of a scrapper Conor is - it'll be close either way.
  • Jan 07, 2020 08:51 PM
    Last: 16d
    SFriedman Wrote:

    I think doing away with divisions and just sticking to the best 8 teams per conference for the playoffs would be a good move. Just like they do with the NBA. Only problem is the scheduling - NBA has 84 regular season games to NFL's 16. So it would mean you have to do away with each team playing each divisional opponent twice. But I would be all for that actually.

    They could easily do this, and they should. Would make the game better and stop 7-9 teams from making it over 9-7 teams. But they won't do this, at least not for a very long time because the NFL is first and foremost about making money and divisional rival games earn big money and sell lots of tickets. Plus teams like the idea of 'winning the division' too much I think.
  • Jan 07, 2020 06:01 PM
    Last: 17d
    Good to know, was wondering. Was odd to see the semis being played before all the other lesser bowl games.
  • Jan 06, 2020 05:27 PM
    Last: 16d

    The Dallas Cowboys finally, finally, finally have a new head coach. Jason Garrett's tenure is over. They decided not to extend his contract and the Cowboys wasted little time in hiring a new head coach, former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

    Question is how much better is Mike McCarthy over Jason Garrett?

    In the 9.5 years that Jason Garrett was the Cowboys head coach he went 85-67. That's a win % of 55.9%. Here's how the seasons broke down:

    2010: 5-3 (when he took over for Wade Phillips)
    2011: 8-8 (missed the playoffs)
    2012: 8-8 (missed the playoffs)
    2013: 8-8 (missed the playoffs)
    2014: 12-4 (won the division, then went 1-1 in the playoffs, giving the Cowboys their first playoff win in forever)
    2015: 4-12 (Romo got hurt that year)
    2016: 13-3 (won the division, Dak replaced injured Romo in preseason, one and done to Green Bay in divisional round)
    2017: 9-7 (missed the playoffs)
    2018: 10-6 (won the division, 1-1 in the playoffs)
    2019: 8-8 (missed the playoffs)

    So Garrett had 9 full seasons where he went 8-8 four times. Then one terrible year with no QB. Then he won the division three times and went 2-3 in the playoffs, never making it to the NFC Championship game. And then the 9-7 season where Philly won the division and ultimately the Super Bowl.

    He had Tony Romo, a really good to great QB for his first 3.5 seasons. And Dak Prescott, another really good to great QB for 4 full seasons (on a very cheap rookie deal).

    Contrast that with Mike McCarthy's head coaching career so far:

    125-77 career record (61.8 win %) from 2006-mid 2018 when he was fired in week 13. He coached Green Bay to a Super Bowl in 2011. So he has a ring. He coached 12 full seasons, winning the division 6 times and went 10-8 in the playoffs overall. He did have 3 sub .500 seasons where the team went 6-10 in his 3rd year, 7-9 in 2017 and 4-7-1 in his final season.

    He also got to coach arguably the best QB to ever play the game in Aaron Rodgers. And there was great controversy throughout his tenure as to how much the team offense was Mike McCarthy's scheme and coaching vs Rodgers just impromptu doing whatever he wanted and just being great on his own.

    So where does that leave the Cowboys? Dallas is an organization with Jerry Jones that's very disjointed and its hard to know just how much say a guy like Mike McCarthy can have in the room ultimately; how much can he run the whole season from top to bottom without owner and GM Jones simply just getting in the way? That was the big question for Garrett's entire tenure as well.

    I think McCarthy is solid and feels like a good letter grade upgrade from Jason Garrett. He should immediately command decent respect from all the players, if for no other reason than he is a Super Bowl winning head coach. And the 28th most winningest coach of all time (compared to Garrett at #54).

    What do you think? Was this a good move for the Cowboys? Is this an upgrade, how big, or did the Cowboys make a mistake and you think they should have hired a college coach instead?

  • Dec 31, 2019 01:39 PM
    Last: 19d
    Higher % than I would have thought. But it does make sense, getting the extra week to rest and game plan, and home field. The deck is stacked against the wild card round winner for sure, especially if they had any injuries in the first playoff game or had to run their RB 30 times just to win the game.
  • Dec 13, 2019 01:56 PM
    Last: 29d
    Bama Fanatic Wrote: I’m going with LSU, but let’s not be too terribly quick to count OK out with no chance. Experience sometimes will play a roll in the game and who is the QB for the Sooners? None other than Jalen Hurts, former QB for the Crimson Tide with plenty of experience in the college football playoffs. Alright, I admit it’s a long shot but worth a thought. As for Clemson and OSU, in reality who cares? If LSU beats Oklahoma, just go ahead and give them the trophy and the rings.
    Yeah, hard to count out Hurts, really ever. I'm hoping he gets drafted to a good team in the NFL and has success there. Fun to watch him. And agreed.. LSU all the way afterward.
  • Dec 23, 2019 04:54 PM
    Last: 25d
    JFoster Wrote:

    6. Up until the 1950's, the bowl games were all played on New Year's day. Now a days, they are spread out across several days.

    Imagine that. I'm in the camp that thinks we have about 20 too many bowl games nowadays. I'm glad there's more than a handful now, but I think at some point it diminishes the coolness of making it to a bowl game when you have 40.