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  • Jun 20, 2019 06:36 PM
    Last: 24d

    Which division do you think will be the most improved going into the 2019-2020 season and beyond - AFC North or NFC West?

    AFC North has this going on:

    -Ravens have Lamar Jackson going into his 2nd year without Flacco distraction.
    -Steelers have fully moved on from Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell.
    -Browns are easily the most improved, adding Odell Beckham Jr, Kareem Hunt, Olivier Vernon
    -Bengals.. not very exciting but always a good division rival for the other three

    NFC West has this going on:

    -Rams looking to redeem themselves from poor Super Bowl showing. Most of the team remains in tact
    -Seahawks drafted DK Metcalf and extended Russell Wilson
    -49ers finally get Garrapolo and Jerick McKinnon on the field, plus a ton of draft promising drafted rookies
    -Cardinals get to debut Kyler Murray + David Johnson combo, improved WR core

    I think the two teams that will be the most improved of all these are the Browns and the Cardinals. And overall these will likely be the two most improved divisions in all the NFL. Since the Rams will still be very good and the Seahawks and 49ers definitely improved their rosters.. gotta give it to the NFC West.

    I'll go out on a limb and buy the hype on the Browns to win the AFC North. I think the Steelers will surprise and be very competitive. The Ravens will be in the mix and just the Bengals will be the only bad team out of all these 8.

  • Jun 13, 2019 02:09 PM
    Last: 31d
    Koepka is still very much alive for the title. -8 through one of the final day, down by only 3 strokes. Gary Woodland has been playing really well but he has never won a major so I'm not sure he will hold up to the pressure of a tight finish. Justin Rose can though and he is -10. Louis Oosthizen being the other -8 on the board right now, he has won a major before... I still like Rose or Koepka, Brooks being my call.
  • Jun 07, 2019 05:01 PM
    Last: 15d
    Watch out for Italy. They destroyed Jamaica today. And beat Australia in their first match. If they beat Brazil I think they are serious contenders.
  • Jun 14, 2019 04:04 PM
    Last: 28d

    Oklahoma is a consensus top 4 program in the country, and for good reason. They have arguably the best coach in the nation, or at least a top 10 one, in Lincoln Riley. He is voted as the best coach of the Big 12 at least.

    The Sooners have been in the College Football Playoffs 3 out of the first 5 years of its existence. And they have produced two Heisman Trophy QB winners and No.1 overall NFL draft picks in Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

    And just to tack it on, Oklahoma as won the Big 12 conference 4 years running (2015-2019).

    So how is it even a conversation for Texas to be arguably the best team in the Big 12, or at least have a solid shot of becoming so? I mean they haven't even won the Big 12 in 10 years (last win being 2009).

    Well, I would argue that Texas is on a serious upswing. Coach Tom Herman is no joke and they did win 10 games in the 2018 season. Plus there is a lot of hype on what the 2019-20 season and beyond can bring.

    Texas beat Oklahoma in the 2018 Red River rivalry game 48-45. And even though Oklahoma won the Big 12 conference final game 39-27, remember that game was tied up 27 all going into the 4th quarter.

    I think these teams are far closer than some people might think. And if Oklahoma doesn't watch it, Texas could become the hot team for 2019 and beyond in the Big 12, and maybe even the country.

    AP Top 25 currently has Oklahoma ranked #4 and Texas #9. Both top 10 consensus in the country. Circle the Red River Rivalry and the Big 12 championship on your calendar. Will be some of the best college football we'll see this year. Can't wait.

  • Jun 13, 2019 02:09 PM
    Last: 31d

    Dustin Johnson has the best odds to win the 2019 US Open. DJ did win it in 2016 and usually plays really well in this tournament. But Brooks Koepka is right behind him. And he should be #1 really. Koepka just won the PGA Championship, and he won the US Open in 2018 and 2017. So why he is not the far and away favorite is kind of confusing.

    3rd on the list is Tiger Woods. He won the Masters, then failed to make the day 2 cut at the PGA Champ. So its all a question of which Tiger we will see this time around..

    Rory McIIroy and Jordan Spieth are 4th and 5th as odds favorites to win. Rory won this tournament back in 2011. And Jordan won in 2015. Both have had good runs the last few years but couldn't quite put together a solid 4 rounds.

    Seems the odds makers aren't expecting parity for this year. I can't find a reason not to bet on Koepka as the favorite, especially if he gets off to a good start.

    See any golfers you think could win that aren't high on the list? Any lower ranked surprises?

    Going to post how these guys are doing as the tournament goes on. Feel free to share recaps, highlights, awesome shots, etc from these guys or anyone else from this tournament here.

  • May 24, 2019 02:09 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Always wonder how the conversation goes down between teammates when they know they will probably finish 1st and 2nd. How do they decide who will win? By the better qualifier time? Or do they race it out and just decide in the moment?
  • May 20, 2019 01:07 AM
    Last: 2mo

    Interesting how he describes the vehicle as being basically digital when its out of control at 225mph - on/off.

  • May 18, 2019 07:21 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Forgot to mention, the horse bucks off the jockey right at the very beginning when they open the gates. And Bodexpress immediately runs to the outside. I wonder what made him do that? Any ideas?
  • May 18, 2019 07:21 PM
    Last: 2mo

    War of Will may have won the 2019 Preakness, but really the most impressive horse on the track was Bodexpress. His jockey fell off at the very start of the race and yet the horse carried on running THE FULL RACE without him, and even kept running after the race had ended - twitter.com/BklynBckstretch/status/1129...

    Will post the official race video wants it surfaces. Or if you find it first, feel free and please share.

    Luckily the horse kept to the outside for the most part and didn't interfere with the other horses. But you would think with the lack of weight on his back, he should have won right? Seriously though, a shame for the horse and jockey because he had a good chance of being the first maiden horse to win at the Preakness since 1888.

  • Feb 28, 2019 06:55 PM
    Last: 3mo
    joetemple Wrote: Murray's not going to Arizona. At least he shouldn't if they were smart. Stick with Rosen and pile up picks and move down. I'd like to see the Bengals or the Dolphins move up to get him.
    I eat my words. Look forward to seeing him play this year and compare that to whatever Rosen does to see. He is exciting I'll give him that.