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  • May 18, 2019 07:21 PM
    Last: 4d
    Forgot to mention, the horse bucks off the jockey right at the very beginning when they open the gates. And Bodexpress immediately runs to the outside. I wonder what made him do that? Any ideas?
  • May 18, 2019 07:21 PM
    Last: 4d

    War of Will may have won the 2019 Preakness, but really the most impressive horse on the track was Bodexpress. His jockey fell off at the very start of the race and yet the horse carried on running THE FULL RACE without him, and even kept running after the race had ended - twitter.com/BklynBckstretch/status/1129...

    Will post the official race video wants it surfaces. Or if you find it first, feel free and please share.

    Luckily the horse kept to the outside for the most part and didn't interfere with the other horses. But you would think with the lack of weight on his back, he should have won right? Seriously though, a shame for the horse and jockey because he had a good chance of being the first maiden horse to win at the Preakness since 1888.

  • Feb 28, 2019 06:55 PM
    Last: 27d
    joetemple Wrote: Murray's not going to Arizona. At least he shouldn't if they were smart. Stick with Rosen and pile up picks and move down. I'd like to see the Bengals or the Dolphins move up to get him.
    I eat my words. Look forward to seeing him play this year and compare that to whatever Rosen does to see. He is exciting I'll give him that.
  • Apr 23, 2019 03:17 PM
    Last: 27d

    Full first round pick results:

    1. Kyler Murray to Arizona.
    2. Nick Bosa to 49ers.
    3. Quinnen Williams to the Jets.
    4. Clelin Ferrell to the Raiders. (Clemson DE)
    5. Devin White to Tampa Bay. (LSU insider LB)
    6. Daniel Jones to New York Giants. (Duke QB)
    7. Josh Allen to Jacksonville Jags. (Kentucky DE)
    8. TJ Hockenson to Detroit Lions. (Iowa TE)
    9. Ed Oliver to Buffalo Bills. (Houston DT)
    10. Devin Bush to Pittsburgh Steelers. (Traded with Denver, Michigan ILB)

    11. Jonah Williams to Cincinnati Bengals. (Alabama OT)
    12. Rashan Gary to Green Bay Packers. (Michigan DE)
    13. Christian Wilkins to Miami Dolphins. (Clemson DE)
    14. Chris Lindstrom to Atlanta Falcons. (Boston College G)
    15. Dwayne Haskins to Washington Redskins. (Ohio State QB)
    16. Brian Burns to Carolina Panthers. (Florida State OLB)
    17. Dexter Lawrence to New York Giants. (Clemson DT)
    18. Garrett Bradbury to Minnesota Vikings. (NC State C)
    19. Jeffery Simmons to Tennessee Titans. (Mississippi State DT)
    20. Noah Fant to Denver Broncos. (Iowa TE)

    21. Darnell Savage Jr. to Green Bay Packers. (Trade from Seattle, Maryland S)
    22. Andre Dillard to Philadelphia Eagles. (Trade from Baltimore, Washington State OT)
    23. Tytus Howard to Houston Texans. (Alabama State OT)
    24. Josh Jacobs to Oakland Raiders. (Alabama RB)
    25. Marquise Brown to Baltimore Ravens. (Oklahoma WR)
    26. Montez Sweat to Washington Redskins. (Trade from Indy, Mississippi State DE)
    27. Johnathan Abrams to Oakland Raiders. (Mississippi State S)
    28. Jerry Tillery to Los Angeles Chargers. (Notre Dame DT)
    29. LJ Collier to Seattle Seahawks. (TCU DE)
    30. Deandre Baker to New York Giants. (Trade from Seattle, Georgia CB)

    31. Kaleb McGary to Atlanta Falcons. (Trade from LA,Washington OT)
    32. N'Keal Harry to New England Patriots. (Arizona State WR)

  • Apr 23, 2019 03:17 PM
    Last: 27d
    Murray goes 1 to Arizona. Interesting that this is the first time a team has taken the same position at the top of draft 2 years in a row, ever. Now the question becomes.. where does Rosen land? Think the Giants give a 17th for him?
  • Apr 23, 2019 03:17 PM
    Last: 27d

    All the mock drafts on NFL.com, CBSSports, ESPN and Mel Kiper and McShay are all unanimously projecting Kyler Murray to go #1 in the draft. And every single one of them are saying it'll be Arizona that uses their top pick to him, except for one guy at CBS Sports who thinks the Raiders will surprise and trade up to take Murray.. who knows.

    This kinda flies in the face of rumors I heard about the Cards wanting to pass on Murray to take Bosa instead. Personally I go back and forth. I think Josh Rosen is a really good QB. Is he a better franchise player than Murray? I really don't know. But with the recent hire of their new coach Kingsbury the thought is Murray will be a better fit. That's probably true.

    Murray is supremely talented. But its yet to be seen if that'll translate into the NFL. If they do take Murray they can always trade Rosen or have an excellent back up for a year or so and then trade him or even have try outs for the QB position; not a bad spot to be in. Wouldn't that be interesting if they take Murray but Rosen wins over the coach anyways..

    At any rate, wanted to post my top 10 predictions for the first round and then talk about draft results as they come in. The surprises, trade ups, trade downs, what the Giants end up doing, etc. This draft should be more fascinating than most in the last few years, at least for the first round.

    Something to consider, the Giants and Patriots have the most picks in this draft at 12 a piece. So they can either draft a ton of guys OR they can levy that capital to move up.

    So with that in mind here are my top 10 pick predictions:

    1. Arizona Cardinals take Kyler Murray. Yeah, I know. Safe pick. I almost want them to take Bosa but I just don't see how you pass on that level of talent and potential.

    2. San Francisco 49ers take Nick Bosa. This is another consensus top #2 pick on all the mocks that don't have teams trading up to get a player.

    3. This is where things get interesting to me. It's supposed to be the Jets pick here. But they have already hinted at seriously wanting to trade down. I think Quinnen Williams is the 3rd best in this draft but I could see the Redskins moving up to take QB Haskins here. Haskins is arguably the best QB in the draft and they need one. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    4. Oakland Raiders take Quinnen Williams. He'll be the best player available and they should do that. I think Gruden will.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccs take Devin White. They need an inside linebacker and he is the best option in the draft this year.

    6. NY Giants take.. QB Daniel Jones. That's right, I think Murray and Haskins will be gone and they really like Jones. Eli will play out most the year. And when they are 4-8 or so Jones will take over.

    7. Jacksonville Jags take TJ Hockenson. They need a great tight end and that he is. I would like to see this happen anyways.

    8. Detroit Lions take Ed Oliver. He will be one of if not the best defensive players left on the board.

    9. Buffalo Bills take Montez Sweat. This would somewhat a steal for them. He is projected to go as high as 5 and the Bills could definitely use a talented DE.

    10. Denver Broncos take Devin Bush. Or they take QB Drew Lock. But I give the edge to Bush as an inside linebacker will be more immediately helpful to them.

  • Apr 14, 2019 03:18 PM
    Last: 1mo

    Nike was on the ball, seemingly just waiting until he sank the last shot to post this one:

    Huge story. I'm a big Tiger fan. This cements him as the best golfer in history to me. Great for the sport that he is back on top.

  • Nov 20, 2018 06:07 PM
    Last: 1mo
    And now the coach is gone. Things look ugly in LA.
  • Apr 13, 2019 02:23 PM
    Last: 4d

    Kevin Durant will not a Warrior next year. Questions arise about Klay Thompson sticking around as he will be a free agent next year and likely demand top dollar. I hope the Warriors simply pay the man, but who knows. Steph Curry will still be there and they just added DeMarcus Cousins and they still have a good team even outside of Durant and even Thompson leaving next year if that happens.

    But the team won't be the same next year. And this dominant 5-year run they have been on will have to come to an end. Or at least it will look very differently. All the more interesting this playoff season. Think they will capitalize on their last chance to win it all with the full all-star roster?

    Looking at the bracket, I think they get past the Clippers pretty easily. Houston is known for chocking as of late so I imagine they win there too.

    What else? Portland, Spurs, maybe OKC or even Denver? I don't see it. No, I think they make it to yet another finals. Then it gets interesting as the East doesn't exactly suck this year. At least not when it comes to a few teams like the Bucks, Raptors, 76ers or Celtics.

    I would bet the Bucks or Celtics make it through and it will make for a refreshing finals to not see the Cavs and Lebron there yet again.

  • Apr 06, 2019 12:33 PM
    Last: 2mo

    Half my bracket is still alive, where I have Texas Tech vs Michigan State in the Final Four. And I predicted Michigan State to win. I'll definitely stick with that. And I have Michigan State to win it all. Still confident in that as well.

    For the other part.. I had NC vs Tenn.. so way off there. But that said, gimme Virginia by a good margin.

    Score predictions for the hell of it:

    Virginia 76, Auburn 67
    Michigan State 67, Texas Tech 63

    Here's my reasoning. VT has avg 66.75 points in the tournament. But in their last game they had to score 80 to beat Purdue. So I think they can outpace their avg to keep up with Auburn who has avg 85.25 in the tournament. Auburn has allowed 75.75 so they don't have a strong defense. Virginia's D is far better, allowing only 57.75. Something has to give between good D and strong offense. I expect Virginia to show up.

    For the other game, here goes.. Michigan State has avg 73.5 points so far. And allowed 61.25 per game. Texas Tech's #s are 72 on avg scoring and allowing just 57 points per game on avg. Seeing as how TT has the best defense in the game but Gonzaga was able to put up 69 on them, I'm thinking Michigan State gets close to that. But if you look at it Mich State's defense is also very good. So this should be a relatively lower scoring game and a close one.