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  • May 28, 2020 12:14 PM
    Last: 30d

    Sources: NBA to approve plan for 22-team return with eight regular-season games

    Dumb. They want to play 8 regular season games first, then a play-in tournament. I see no reason to not just skip straight to the playoffs. This is a money grab by the owners of the teams that know they won't be in the playoffs, to try and recoup losses from covid shutdowns.

  • May 21, 2020 07:14 PM
    Last: 1mo
    Dallasite Wrote: Should be really fun to watch. So what's the handicap of Manning and Brady, do you know?

    $20 million raised. That's pretty awesome. Seems like Peyton had the upper hand here. Though Brady had probably the best single shots of the day between the two.

  • May 11, 2020 07:52 PM
    Last: 2mo
    PowerPlay Wrote:

    A bit of a side note here. In my opinion, if Tony Ferguson would have fought Khabib back at UFC 209, Khabib would have destroyed him. Ferguson is good on his feet and can take however many punches Khabib lands, though as always, Khabib would have picked Ferguson apart and finished him on the ground via tapout. I would actually really like to see this fight now. If Khabib wouldn't have became ill just before that fight we'd know for sure.

    Great point. Of course we don't know but that's my thinking too. Khabib seems a cut above both of these fighters. But upsets happen all the time. Look forward to the eventual Gaethje v Khabib fight; just assuming it'll happen at some point.
  • May 15, 2020 09:29 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Piping in crowd noise and digitizing fans.. I don't think this is a good idea. I don't need to be tricked into thinking that things are back to normal. Show me reality. I never liked canned laughter on TV and I don't think I'll like this either. Hopefully not every network agrees with FOX. They can do other stuff like play music or show virtual watch parties. That would be WAY better.
  • May 09, 2020 07:56 AM
    Last: 2mo
    PowerPlay Wrote:

    there will be no practice rounds or qualifiers for any May races, except the Coca-Cola 600

    I wonder how this is going to work. I can understand no practices, but no qualifiers? What are they planning to do here? I wonder why they cut that in particular out. And why give the Coca-Cola 600 this and none other?

    Seems like they are just trying to limit the time of the track as much as possible. So instead of qualifiers they are just going to go off of current rankings for positions. Not sure why they are doing that for all May races except the Coca-Cola 600, but I'm guessing its because the other races are added events to the schedule, while the CC600 is not.

    This race today should be really interesting to watch. They are calling it 'The Real Heroes 400'.

  • Apr 14, 2020 02:30 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Rank got 4 out of the top 5 taken. The only difference was the Lions took Jeff Okudah and the Giants surprisingly took tackle Andrew Thomas. A curious #4 pick imo. Seemed like they could have traded down a little and got an extra pick down the road and still got Thomas. But said the same thing about their curious QB pick last year and that has turned out a bit better than most expected.
  • Apr 21, 2020 05:33 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Good for Gronk. That is a cheap price tag to get him.. I guess the Patriots don't expect he will hold up long. Hope he proves them wrong.
  • Apr 23, 2020 05:18 PM
    Last: 2mo
    Dallasite Wrote:

    Anyways, its going to be really interesting to see if this fully virtual draft is even watchable. So far most network live shows that have tried to pull this off, and even the NBA Horse contest.. they all basically failed in my opinion. But at least the NFL Draft has the best chance of being basically the same product as a lot of it was already done remotely.

    This is the most watched NFL Draft ever, at least for the first round. Up 37% from 2019's numbers, and that was the most watched until this one. I think the NFL did a really good job with the overall presentation, especially compared to other live shows during this pandemic.
  • Mar 17, 2020 02:44 PM
    Last: 3mo
    Any idea who the Patriots are going to use at QB next year? All the names I have heard floated now seem pretty lackluster.. wonder if they will try and trade up and draft someone.
  • Mar 17, 2020 04:25 PM
    Last: 3mo

    Emmanuel Sanders goes to the Saints on a 2 year deal worth $16 million

    Nelson Agholor signs 1 year deal with the Raiders