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  • Dec 10, 2019 01:42 PM
    Last: 2hr

    Completely agree with Max Kellerman here. Hopefully the tapes get released of what they actually filmed.

  • Dec 02, 2019 12:36 PM
    Last: 5d

    Was worried about Ohio State for about a quarter in that game but they pulled it together. But they played just weak enough to drop to #2. LSU clearly deserves to be the top team after dismantling Georgia. And congrats to the Sooners for getting a playoff spot; that Baylor game was maybe the most entertaining of all the champ games. Real surprised Utah lost so badly though.

  • Aug 24, 2019 03:33 PM
    Last: 6d

    In a division that started off with so much promise, it has quickly become the absolute worst division in football this year. The Giants are arguably the worst team in the league, maybe just above Cincy. The Redskins are showing a bit of life but have been the worst offense basically all year. The Eagles have had a really bad combo of key injuries, terrible WR drops and bad QB play to currently make them 2 games under .500. And the Cowboys, who started off 3-0 have lost 7 of their last 10 games.

    All around terrible. But someone HAS to win this division, and whoever does WILL host a home playoff game, crazy as that sounds. Still looks like my prediction will hold but this division will 100% come down to the Week 16 matchup between the Cowboys and Eagles.

    Both teams have the ability to win out and make the playoffs. But it sure looks like the winner of this division will be 8-8. Maybe 7-9. I think if the Eagles find a way to win, they are easily a one-and-done in the playoffs. But at least the Cowboys have a chance to get their act together and win at least 1 playoff game.

    They will be playing either the 49ers, Seattle, Vikings or maybe even the Packers. Suffice to say the NFC East won't do much this year. Could see coaching changes for both teams in a few weeks.

  • Oct 09, 2019 10:45 AM
    Last: 6d
    Still liking my Bruins v Blues in the Cup prediction. 2nd and 3rd in the league right now. But you have to be impressed by the current #1 team in the NHL right now, the Capitals. 14-2-1 on the road, that's insanely good. And they have the most points in the league through 31 games (49). It is an 82 game season so not quite even to the halfway point yet. But those are clearly the 3 best teams going right now.
  • Dec 02, 2019 12:36 PM
    Last: 5d

    The college football playoff picture is still very much in flux. Before the 2019 conference championship games, you have LSU #1, Ohio State #2, Clemson #3 and Georgia #4. For the first time in forever Alabama is not even in the top 5, unfortunately as Tua is out for the year.

    So for everyone not wanting to see yet another Alabama vs whoever title game (like me) you get your wish.

    The top 3 teams in the nation are undefeated and their ranking make perfect sense. But we have a great opportunity to see massive shake up depending upon how the conference championship games go. These are easily the top 3 best championship games to me, with a ton on the line for all 6 teams:

    Big 12: Baylor vs. Oklahoma
    SEC: Georgia vs. LSU
    Big Ten: Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin

    Right now Baylor is 11-1 and ranked #8. Oklahoma is #6, also at 11-1. IF the cards fall right, the winner of this game could be in the final four. Especially if Georgia loses to LSU. But if Georgia wins, LSU won't fall out of the top 4 (I don't think) and both will make it to the final four. And if Ohio State loses to #10 Wisconsin, they could conceivably fall to a 4th or 5th seed, if they get blown out. Not likely but still a lot on the line for them. 5 of this 6 teams could force their way into the final four. But I don't think Wisconsin can.

    Here are the rest of the conf championship games. Any of these interest you? I'm curious to see how Clemson performs, but outside of that, I'm good.

    Pac-12: Oregon vs. Utah
    MAC: Miami (OH) vs. Central Michigan
    Sun Belt: Louisiana vs. App. St.
    Conf. USA: UAB vs. FAU
    AAC: Cincinnati vs. Memphis
    MWC: Hawaii vs. Boise St.
    SWAC: Southern vs. Alcorn St.
    ACC: Virginia vs. Clemson

    Feel free to post the highlights from what turns out to be the best game of the championship round this year. I am most excited for the Baylor v Oklahoma game and would love to see Baylor sneak their way into a final four spot.

  • Nov 26, 2019 11:18 AM
    Last: 16d

    I'm no fan of Michael Vick, but he is usually the first name you think of when you think of elite NFL QBs that could run the ball like a running back, i.e. dual threat QBs. Basically the best running QB in NFL history. But the knock on his game that most agree with is he wasn't a great throwing QB.

    And the numbers bare that out. He played in 143 games from 2001-2015 where he completed only 56.2% of his passes. That's not good, borderline terrible. Good QBs are at least in the 60% percentile. And the great QBS complete on avg in their career 65-68%.

    But since he was such a duel and unique threat, most forgave Vick for not being a great thrower. He avg 42.7 rushing yards a game. That's pretty incredible. And 6.1 yards per attempt over his career, outdoing a slew of actual NFL running backs.

    Now we have other QBs that should be in this conversation of best dual threat QBS ever: Steve Young, Frank Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham are three of the best ever not currently playing. Then I would definitely put Cam Newton and Russell Wilson firmly in that conversation.

    And now we have Lamar Jackson. I don't think it's going out on too far a limb to say he is on pace to be the best dual threat NFL quarterback of all time. Lamar has only played in 27 NFL games, but his numbers are staggering to look at:

    He is averaging 58.2 yards rushing per game (better than Vick's career), avg 5.8 yards per carry (but 7.1 yards per attempt in his second season). And more impressive, his passing #s - he is completing 63.8% of his passes (66.9% in 2019 so far) and averaging 7.7 yards per throw (both of those are elite stats for any QB, any season.)

    What prompted me to write this thread is that Lamar Jackson is 9th in the NFL in rushing through Week 12 in 2019. He is 9TH in the whole league in rushing, barely behind Ezekiel Elliott and Chris Carson. And he is currently 27th in passing yards, but look at the totality of those numbers: 66.9% completion rate, 2,427 yards thrown with 24 TDs and only 5 picks.

    Vick's best season throwing the ball was 2010, with 21 TDS and 6 picks, with 3018 yards. In that same year, he avg 56.3 yards per carry. So Lamar is outpacing Vick in every single category, even if you cherry pick Vick's most impressive year.

    Barring injuries I think Lamar Jackson has the real opportunity to become thought of as the greatest dual threat QB to ever play the game. I love Young, Tarktenton and Cunningham, but none of them were a consistent top 10 RB in the league AND one of the best throwing QBs in the league simultaneously.

    I'm not saying he is the best QB ever. But when it comes to defenses having to respect and game plan for a QBs throwing and running game, he is currently on pace to outdo every QB in the NFL's 100+ history.

    What do you think? Where does Lamar currently rank and do you agree he can be the best dual threat QB ever?

  • Nov 15, 2019 09:37 PM
    Last: 25d

    The only racer of the four I'm counting out is Kyle Busch. He hasn't won a race since September. Of the other three I agree on Hamlin. He deserves to win his first title as well. Though Truex Jr. has become one of my favorite racers over the last few years so I will mostly be rooting for him.

  • Nov 15, 2019 02:30 PM
    Last: 27d

    Max Kellerman on ESPN is the only person I have seen come out in sort of defense for Garrett. Max's point is basically that Mason started it by trying to take off Garrett's helmet first.

    Sure, and you could argue pretty easily that Rudolph should be punished somehow. But just the optics alone of what Myles did means the NFL had to suspend him the rest of the season. If Myles had made contact with that helmet to Mason's head in the worst way, he seriously actually could have died. What are the chances? Fairly low. But certainly not zero. IMAGINE where the league would be at today and going forward if they had nationally televised someone getting killed? Now I know that's extreme but I guarantee that was part of the punishment discussion and consideration. It could have destroyed the league for a very long time. So for the optics alone, I think all the punishments are fair and make sense.

  • Nov 05, 2019 06:15 PM
    Last: 1mo
    I'm liking UNC and Gonzaga this year. Speaking of they are playing 12/18/19, could be a preview one of the Final Four matches.
  • Nov 06, 2019 11:15 AM
    Last: 1mo

    I would say 1000% home field advantage played to Seattle's favor in this final. Check this out:

    Each time Seattle scored in the MLS Cup final, the fans' reaction registered on earthquake measuring devices

    Seattle dominated this MLS Cup. Atmosphere also looked pretty epic.