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I am a life long NASCAR and other stock car racing series fan. I have been following stock car racing since 1958. Attended my first race, with my father, in 1959, at the old Lakewood Speedway, located on the old Southeastern Fairgrounds. That race was the last NASCAR Grand National Division to be run there. The race was moved to the newly opened Atlanta International Raceway (now Atlanta Motor Speedway) the next year, 1960. I drove late model sportsman stock cars in Georgia in the mid 1970s. Actually came close to getting into the NASCAR Grand National Division in the 1970s, but as with most aspiring young racers, ran out of money, so that ended my driving career. I am a retired United States Marine, Combat Veteran. Served 20 years. Veteran of Grenada, a tour in Beirut, Panama, the Gulf War, Bosnia and the opening phase of Somalia. I am a certificated Commercial Pilot, a licensed Skydiver, a SCUBA Diver and an AVID Motorcycle rider! My interests include History, with emphasis on military and aviation history, especially Naval and Marine Corps Aviation. Also a huge steam locomotive buff! One word of caution about me, as I said I am a HUGE stock car racing fan, an old line/old breed fan. Outside of Drag Racing, which I will occasionally follow, I have no interest in or use for any other types or forms of auto racing and that goes ESPECIALLY for formula car-type racing! To put it mildly, I DETEST those things that run in that other race on Memorial Day weekend, so PLEASE do not mention or try to discuss those things with me. Thank you.